Thursday, 19 April 2012

Ride the Lightning-II

Attackerman's collection of F-35 music videos is pretty spectacular.
Watch irony and authenticity incinerate themselves in the F-35's afterburn. Bonus points for the Nirvana and "Keep Austin Weird" stickers.
The first one, F-35 Hispters, is like a worse version of Theory of a Deadman, which is itself a worse version of Nickelback, which is itself a worse version of Creed, which is itself a version of Pearl Jam, which is a legitimately great band. My only qualification is that they're not that much worse than Theory of a Deadman, but I suspect that there may be a Bad Rock Music Asymptote.

I'd actually been shown one of these videos, F-35 Flight Test Highlights, by an awfully enthusiastic DND guy. Actual statement: "Look at the curves on that baby." At that stage, my medulla oblongata seized up, and I couldn't process the rest of his remarks, so I might not be getting this right, but they were taping the session and I got to see it afterward:

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